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Auctioneers & Removal Specialists
Valuers of fine Art, Antiques and Collector’s Items
Detailed Valuations for Insurance or Probate.
Regular Monthly sales of Antiques and Collectables.



Pettmas Removals are a leading local independent family-run business, providing removals, deliveries, packing and storage services and shipping world wide.

Our friendly, fully trained, uniformed staff have unparalleled commitment to service and satisfaction. From initial enquiry through collection and delivery, every client receives the same, consistent, first-class service and care.


Courtesy Moving Checklist

□ Confirm dates with the mover.
□ Sign and return contract acceptance together with payment.
□ Advise insurance at declared value.
□ Arrange a contact number.
□ Dispose of anything you don’t want. (Telephone above for details on our auction facility.)
□ Start running down the freezer. (Not necessary for you local removers.)
□ Contact carpet fitter if needed
□ Book mains services for disconnection
□ Cancel all rental agreements
□ Notify doctor, dentist, optician and vets
□ Inform the bank and savings / share accounts
□ Inform telephone companies
□ Ask to reroute mail
□ Inform TV licence, car licence, car registration and passport offices
□ Notify HP and credit firms
□ Make local maps to new house for friends and moving company
□ Clear the loft
□ Organise parking at the new house
□ Cancel the milk/newspapers
□ Clean the freezer (only applicable if coming into store or long distance removals
□ Arrange minder for children/pets
□ Find and label keys
□ Address cards for friends and family
□ Separate trinkets, jewellery and small items
□ Sort out linen and clothes
□ Put garage/garden tools together
□ Take down curtains/blinds
□ Collect children’s toys
□ Put together basic catering for the family at the new house


Planning Your Move

THE DATE: Arrange this as far ahead as possible. Avoid cancellation or postponements which can be costly.

THE NEW HOME: A map showing your new home and contact number is always helpful.

WHO TO TELL: Relatives and friends apart. There are a lot of people with a vested interest in your whereabouts. See checklist.

MAINS SERVICES: Make arrangements with the gas and electricity boards well in advance.

DEEP FREEZE: Run down food stocks

CARPETS/CURTAINS: Check your quotation. Usually your mover will take down curtains/blind and lift carpets if you asked, but will not be able to put them up again or lay fitted carpets.

PACKING: How much the mover does depends on your quotation. If you are paying for a total service, leave it all to the professionals. In any case your remover can supply packing cartons and materials for your own use at reasonable cost.

SPECIAL ATTENTION: If you are concerned about plants, fine art, wine collections or antiques discuss them with your remover well in advance. He will advise you.


Just Before The Moving Day

CHINA/GLASS: It helps the mover if you have crockery and glass on a level surface ready for packing.

DRAWERS: Leave drawers as they are but do not lock them. Avoid over-filling chests and sideboards. Do not place breakable items in drawers.

PLAN: Work out where you want your possessions in your new home, drawing a plan is helpful.

PARKING: If there are restrictions at the new house, warn the remover. You need about 50 feet of parking for one removal van.

FLATS: You will need priority for the lift. If the lift is small, warn the remover in advance.

SMALL PROBLEMS: Have children and pets looked after by relatives or neighbours, you will have enough to worry about.